Visit the Périgord Noir in 3 days: between culture and gastronomy!

Visit the Périgord No ...

Are you planning a 3-day getaway in the Dordogne , in the heart of the Périgord Noir ? Not easy to choose from the multitude of pretty villages to explore, tourist sites to discover, culinary specialties to taste…? Périgord is a very attractive destination turned towards qualitative , cultural and varied tourism . Follow us for some ideas for short stays in Périgord !

A short family stay in Dordogne

With a long weekend , a bridge or 3 days free , visiting the Périgord Noir with your family is a very good idea. There are a multitude of child-friendly tourist sites , leisure parks and very pretty and interesting villages to explore.

To stay , choose a strategic location, between the Dordogne valley and the Vézère valley. Children do not like to drive too many kilometers and during a long weekend, you have the possibility of sailing between the 2 valleys. Staying in Sarlat is a good idea, there are a multitude of hotels, lodges and guesthouses to welcome you! Click here to find hotels in Sarlat .

Sarlat la Canéda

Stay in Sarlat, the city of Perigordine gastronomy!

Day 1: Prehistory in the Vézère Valley

Start your first day in the charming Vézère valley . Visit Lascaux IV, the International Center of Parietal Art and take the opportunity to take a twin ticket with the Parc du Thot to walk among the animals and participate in workshops in season, so you will have a great day around Montignac in the Vézère Valley .

Option 2: Children also love Roque Saint-Christophe , an ancient troglodyte city, a real little town hanging on the cliff . You are visiting a large fault in the rock over 400m long! The guided tours during the holidays and upon the return of sunny days are fantastic. For fun and exercise a few steps away, think of Conquil , a tree climbing park located in the pretty village of Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère . Take the opportunity to eat an ice cream by the river , along the bank in the shade of willows and do not miss the magnificent view of the Côte de Jor , 200m high over the valley!

Lascaux IV

Family visit to Lascaux IV

Day 2: The magic of the Castles in the Dordogne Valley

Take the children to discover the Castelnaud-la-Chapelle castle , which offers museography entirely suited to their curiosity. The valiant knights will immerse themselves in the bath, in season, with demonstrations , workshops and all kinds of entertainment . Do you prefer fairy tales? A stone's throw away is the Château des Milandes , the home of Joséphine Baker. It is a marvel to discover, with beautiful landscaped gardens with water games, a large park, birds in aviaries and a breathtaking raptor show , not to mention the visit of the castle which traces the life of this woman extraordinary. You are not far from La Roque-Gageac , the ideal place to go for a tour of Gabarre in the morning or at the end of the day, to admire the valley from the waves.

The Chateau des Milandes

The Château des Milandes

raptor show

The raptor show

Option 2: The Château de Beynac in the village of the same name, will please you for its grandiloquence and for its pretty niche towers! Children like this village, straight out of a book. It climbs, there are small alleys and mysterious cellars ... Do not miss the magnificent viewpoint , taking the small road above the parking lot of the castle. You can see the whole valley there… You can then continue your day with a canoe trip in Vézac or by visiting the gardens of Marqueyssac !

Day 3: Gastronomy of the Périgord Noir

We never tire of it, eating well is important and you will not tell us the opposite on vacation in Périgord Noir! How about visiting the Walnut Ecomuseum ? After a short film, you will learn everything about walnuts, the wonder of Périgord which gives a sweet and suave, fragrant oil … Take it for summer salads! Do not miss a visit to Sarlat , the capital of gastronomy in Périgord. The ideal is to go there on Saturday morning for the weekly market , but also on weekdays, there are gourmet food to find. Take a good look at the Tourist Office program to plan your vacation and end your day with a walk at the top of the panoramic elevator. Rent a bike at Liberty Cycle to travel the region in green mode, there is even a cycle path to walk along the valley to the Lot.

Visit the Ecomuseum of the Walnuts

Visit the Ecomuseum of the Walnuts

Visit the Ecomuseum of the Walnuts

Visit the Ecomuseum of the Walnuts

A weekend under the sign of prehistory

Easy in Périgord Noir! History has left its traces in our villages, in caves, cave shelters ... It is a haven of knowledge for enthusiasts and a real history book open for the curious. Here are some ideas, not easy to choose again…

For this type of stay, stay in Montignac or Les Eyzies , to be in the heart of the Vallée de l'Homme

Montignac lascaux in the Vallée de l'Homme

Montignac lascaux in the Vallée de l'Homme

Day 1: Les Eyzies

This is the best place to start your getaway, visit the National Prehistory Museum to get your knowledge before other visits. Les Eyzies is also a pleasant village to discover, along the Vézère. Do not miss the pretty waterfall along the river towards Sarlat, on foot! You can also go and see La Aberie de Laugerie Basse , an ancient excavation site that presents artifacts from prehistoric life. The good idea: take a combined ticket to also see the very beautiful cave with concretions: the Grand Roc cave .

Visit Laugerie Basse and its stratigraphic section

Visit Laugerie Basse and its stratigraphic section to understand the excavations!

The Grotte du Grand Roc and its concretions

The Grotte du Grand Roc and its concretions

Day 2: Rock paintings

Visit the Font-de-Gaume cave, one of the only caves in Périgord with real paintings, which for conservation reasons, has restricted visits … It is a pearl, who knows how long it will be open for visit ? Take advantage! You must go there the same day to buy a ticket and you will be given a visit schedule . A few tens of minutes from Les Eyzies is Rouffignac which is also the host of an intact and original cave: the Rouffignac Cave , which you can visit in a little train, you will love it!

Day 3: Take advantage of this third day to visit smaller but exceptional sites .

To go into detail, take the time to deepen your subject:

The Prehistoric site of Castel-Merle in Sergeac and its rock shelters occupied for 85,000 years.

The shelter of Cap Blanc , tickets are to be picked up at Font-de-Gaume. We see paleolithic sculptures, in limestone, cut with flint ...

The Cave of the Sorcerer , decorated 17,000 years ago and which offers one of the only representations of a human being in cave painting .

A weekend to stroll through the bastides and pretty villages

There are so many in Périgord! Take walking shoes and meet in our pretty villages. For Treasure Hunt lovers, download the Terra Aventura app and do Geocatching to find the Poiz hidden in the villages!

Day 1: Limeuil

Limeuil is a charming village which is located at the confluence of the Dordogne and the Vézère, it is installed on a hill, you will enjoy a breathtaking view at the top, as well as during the visit of the Panoramic Gardens . Take the opportunity to enjoy a nice view of Limeuil and the rivers, on the other side of the village from the bridge. In summer, take a trip to the nautical base of Trémolat nearby !


Limeuil, pretty hilltop village, from the bridge in front of the village

Day 2: Saint-Léon and Saint-Amand

Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère: Discover this pretty village, classified among the Most Beautiful Villages in France, on the banks of the Vézère, stroll through the couredoux (narrow alleys), eat in its delicious restaurants… Have a picnic with the local products from the grocery store and leave with a full basket to enjoy on the banks of the Vézère , in the shade of the willows. In fine weather, it is a very lively and joyful village. In winter, walking there is an intimate delight to savor! Take a Canoe tour with APA Canoë , or Kanoak and go tree climbing at Parc Le Conquil !

Coly-Saint-Amand: Another village classified among the most beautiful villages in France . You will enjoy walking there, visiting its medieval village and its cathedral, touching the beautiful stone village houses. The village is below, but in Saint-Amand there are also many hiking trails, which lead you to the heights, from where to enjoy a very nice view. Continue your visit to Coly, where there is a craft brewery that is worth a detour: Brasserie La Chavagn ' .

The Côte de Jor, in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère

The Côte de Jor, in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère

Day 3: Monpazier and Domme

Monpazier is one of the oldest country houses in the region and one of the best preserved. Take a walk in its perfect grid, stroll through the square with the arcades and imagine yourself life centuries ago, in this perfectly geometric set. Nature is beautiful around Monpazier, come for a walk!

Ahhhhhhhh Domme , perched and dominating the entire Dordogne valley. It is a majestic village, which in its basement shelters a cave that we recommend you to visit. Good restaurant, beautiful shops, it is also a chic place that can be appreciated by taking your time, to smell the scent of dolce vita in Périgord. Taste the Domme wine , it's an exquisite drink!

View from the Domme promontory

View from the Domme promontory

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