The cycle route of the Céou Valley: from Castelnaud-la-Chapelle to Daglan

Today, come with me on a 22-kilometer bike ride on the Vallée du Céou cycle route , which starts at the foot of one of the most beautiful villages in France: Castelnaud-la-Chapelle . On the banks of the Dordogne , go under the benevolent eye of Castelnaud Castle on its promontory, for a nice walk with family , on foot or by bike. On the way !

The Céou cycle route: practical information and general information

I recommend you to take advantage of the starting point of this cycle route, to cut your day in 2 and visit in a second time this pretty steep village which houses the War Museum in the castle of Castlenaud-la-Chapelle . A little further is also the Ecomuseum Walnut (click to see our report) and the Castle Milandes (click to read and see the report) , home of Josephine Baker.


The Dordogne flowing at the foot of Castelnaud Castle

For now, park at the large free parking provided for this purpose, immediately left after the bridge arriving from the Sarladais. This is where the cycle route begins.

>> Are you lost in the gibberish that designates the different ways to ride a bike?

  • The cycle paths are often urban developments, delimited by bands and reserved solely for the circulation of bicycles.
  • There are also bike lanes that are less secure, but still demarcated from the roadway for motorized vehicles.
  • The greenways are for pedestrians and cyclists, they are built on ancient roads, such as towpaths, abandoned railroads, they are clearly visible on the green cards!
  • Cycle routes are small roads with little traffic, often it is only farmers or residents who use them, as on the island of Ré. Here in the Céou valley , it is a cycle route , because sometimes there are rare vehicles, respectful and rolling slowly.

The bike route is 25km linear , that is to say that if you make the round trip is about 50 kilometers (1 day without hurry). We start from Castelnaud to reach the Lot and the city of the New Abbey. The route consists almost exclusively of asphalt road , in good condition. Sometimes you make a stretch of junction route rolling a few hundred meters down the road. It will then be necessary to pay attention with the youngest cyclists.

The cycle route Céou de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle in Saint-Cybranet

This first portion of approximately 3 kilometers takes you to cross a pretty bridge, then you cross Camping MaisonNeuve . You arrive quickly at the edge of the Céou , which winds on your right. The Céou is a small river, very popular with locals, which has its source towards the Causse de Gramat in the Lot. It flows into the Dordogne, Castelnaud.

On the right, after camping, you will see a place where the water forms small basins, with (depending on the flow) mini-cascades . The water is blue and beautiful, children bathe in the summer. We then go through the walnut trees , then a pretty hamlet with stone houses. There, you must turn left to join the route to Daglan , but I suggest crossing the road to reach the small parking with a clearing at the edge of the Céou, under the bridge. It is a pleasant and refreshing stop to rest and stroll. Cross the bridge to go to the village, if you need food, there is a small grocery store to refuel the basket picnic! The visit of the village is worth it, it is rich in vernacular heritage .

Véloroute of the Valley of the Céou

Château de Castelnaud in the distance

Véloroute of the Valley of the Céou

We follow the walnut trees and the cliffs


Too hot ? Take a dip in the Céou!

Véloroute of the Valley of the Céou

Just before arriving at Saint-Cybranet

Véloroute of the Valley of the Céou

Stop by the water, cross the bridge and visit Saint-Cybranet

From Saint-Cybranet to Daglan

A small stretch of road (fake flat climb) will take you to join the route of the cycle route to Daglan. It takes 7 more kilometers to reach the village. The route is not difficult, there are fake dishes that can work the calves, but many pleasant points to make a stop. You pass by Camping Les Cascades and its refreshing swimming pool
The signs are numerous, you will not get lost. Except at some point, you have the choice to cross a walnut grove to the right following a green route, which then takes you to Daglan (but there is a lot of road to do and it is not very safe), keep left on the bike route to reach Daglan 3 kilometers away, safely.

Véloroute of the Valley of the Céou

In the middle of walnut trees

Véloroute of the Valley of the Céou

Follow the signs, walk along the cornfields

Arrived at the fork to go to Bouzic a little further, we stopped for the picnic. Take the opportunity to discover Daglan which is a beautiful traditional village of Perigord , with a beautiful market on Sunday morning , a whole set of stones and roofs of lauze in the city center, beautiful homes, a beautiful church and a wide central square. There is plenty to do with water and you have the choice (for the picnic) between an open area at the edge of the Céou with a nice red bridge or a playground for children a little further on the right from the village. There is everything you need in Daglan: restaurants , nice cafes (the one near the school is very nice), bakery ...

We then turned around, because 22km round trip is already a lot for the little legs of Hugo (who is only 5 years old). Proud, we return quietly in 1:30 and we enjoy the beautiful view of the cliffs, Castelnaud Castle in the distance and cornfields. Next time we will go from Daglan to Gaumier!

Véloroute of the Valley of the Céou

Refuel at Daglan

Véloroute of the Valley of the Céou

Visit Daglan

Véloroute of the Valley of the Céou

The pretty bridge next to the stadium

Véloroute of the Valley of the Céou

The perfect place for a picnic

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