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Useful information

Location : In the countryside

Province : Black Périgord

Location : Place des Fossés
24510 Limeul


Place des Fossés
24510 Limeul

GPS coordinates

44° 53'6.87"N, 0° 53'23.1"E

Traveller Reviews

4.0 sur 5 372 reviews

  • "A little piece of paradise"

    4 / 5 Reviews posted by fanoffrance (Loeten, Norway) on 19/11/2018

    Most of this park is not very spectacular, but the area at the overlook combines a nice view of the river junction with a lovely water garden featuring fish, frogs, waterfalls, flowering bushes, and...

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  • "Beautiful Views from This Point"

    3 / 5 Reviews posted by Denise B (Lake Forest, California) on 23/09/2018

    You can't get these views of the valley from anywhere else in town. Taking a walking tour of this town on my own and without a map, I stumbled on this botanical garden which was a delight. You can...

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  • "A garden area worth the climb."

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by DrLaurie123 (Sydney, Australia) on 29/08/2018

    The historic village of Limueil is worth exploring, and it's geographic placement has an important historic heritage. The garden area at the top of the hill not only has lovely views, but includes...

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