A good deal to discover Vezere Valley and have fun !

Do you like sports, family activities and enjoy beautiful places? All this saving your budget to visit and taste the local produce? I have exactly what you need for your next summer vacation in the Vézère Valley: " l'été actif "! It is a program of leisure and sports activities, accessible to all (locals and tourists, young and ... younger!) organized by the Departmental Council of Dordogne in partnership with the Office of Tourism Lascaux-Dordogne. For a few euros, you are invited to try climbing on our prettiest cliffs, climbing trees, canoe, exploring the underground caverns to explore caves, playing Robin Hood with a bow on target or in the middle of nature ... Giant Cluedo, escape game nature, canoeing, horseback riding, orienteering ... You were afraid of getting bored?


Sports in the Valley of Man with the Tourist Office Lascaux Dordogne Vézère Valley

"La Vallée de l'Homme" is a community of communes, which covers a very attractive tourist territory. It follows the course of the river Vézère and its beautiful valley, from Farges to Limeuil, through Saint-Amand-de-Coly, Montignac, Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, Les Eyzies, Le Bugue and many other sumptuous localities.

La Vallée de L’Homme (image from CCVH)

Those of you who love prehistory, know that here is an exceptional concentration of tourist sites, ornate caves, ancient cliffs and rock shelters. We come to the Vézère Valley also for the beauty of its picturesque villages, with beautiful stones and famous restaurants. We stroll in the markets, we hike on multiple trails, we marvel at the most beautiful villages in France ... This region of Black Perigord is also conducive to physical activity: mountain biking, road cycling, canoeing, kayaking, running and others nature sports.

Climbing trees in Aubas


Sport for all, cheap and good quality 

It is to allow everyone to enjoy the joys of sport and healthy relaxation in the wilderness, that the County Council of the Dordogne has implemented for several years, the active summer. For a few euros (5 € to 10 € on average), you enjoy an activity supervised by a qualified instructor (instructor), pedagogue, competent and ... fun (yes, it is important when you're on vacation , is not it ?).

Climbing in the countryside forest

Discover Kick Bike

Experiment with archery

Speleology, for amazing thrills! 

Holidays are perfect for discovering new activities: have you ever done archery, tree climbing or orienteering? Active summer activities do not require a high level of sport because they mix ages and levels. The goal here is to have fun, spend a friendly moment, rich with emotions. No need to bring material, just a pair of trainers is enough. For caving, you will be given a harness, a wetsuit and a helmet. For tree climbing, all carabiners and ropes and for canoeing ... a canoe and paddles!

Material provided!

Do not forget the sneakers

Yes, we will lend you a bow! Promised! 

Organize fun holidays 

The active summer is happening in many places in the Vallée de l'Homme, which will give you the opportunity, if you subscribe to several activities, to discover places where you would not necessarily go. Because in this region of Périgord, there is so much to do, that when you come for the first time, you tend to go naturally to the big sites (which is very good, of course), without venturing off the beaten track.

Would you have gone to see the cliffs of the Campagne forest?

The caving, well accompanied it is essential! 

I participated in several activities and people on vacation that I met, often did an activity in the morning, a good restaurant or a picnic country lunch and visits the rest of the day.

Thus, you will for example discover the forest of the village of Campagne for climbing and kick bike. You can take the opportunity to go then to Bugue-sur-Vézère!

You will sink in the basement of the heights of Les Eyzies to go caving, then you will be close to this emblematic city of prehistory.

You will do archery at Sergeac and maybe take the opportunity to visit then Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, next door?

The tree climbing in Rouffignac, will give you the opportunity to visit the cave and the village of Plazac, bordering. If you go to Aubas, it will be an opportunity to stroll in Saint-Amand-de-Coly and Farges.

After sport

Let's have fun (with moderation) 

As you can see, the active summer is a good excuse to move and visit at the same time. The active summer is accessible to all the family, generally from 5/7 years old, according to the activities.

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