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Caves and chasms, Prehistoric Sites

Lascaux II

Lascaux II, opened in 1983, is the first facsimile, located in Montignac on the hill protected by Unesco, a few mete ...

24290 Montignac

Phone : 05 53 51 95 03

Fax : 05 53 05 65 67

Grotte du Grand Roc

Discover the secrets of the underworld. If you go to the Grand Roc cave, you will be amazed at first by the breatht ...

Abris Préhistoriques de Laugerie Basse

At the prehistoric shelters of Laugerie Basse (World Heritage Site of Unesco) , walk under a real habitat occupied b ...

LASCAUX IV Centre International de l'Art pariétal

Travel to the heart of the man. Lascaux IV is a masterpiece of parietal art, and it is also the ideal place to ente ...

Grotte de Bara Bahau


Grotte du Sorcier


Abri Cro-Magnon


2, chemin de Cro-Magnon
24620 Les Eyzies-de-Tayac

Phone : 05 53 13 58 54

Grotte de Villars

This cave is interesting both from a geological and a prehistoric point of view. During the guided tour you will be ...

Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac - Cathédrale de Cristal

Protected by one of the magnificent hills in the Vézère Valley, the Proumeyssac Abyss is the largest managed cavity ...

Grotte de Beaussac

Automatic translate La Grotte de Beaussac is a cave with natural concretions. Different themes are discussed during ...

Maxange Caves

Maxange Caves, discovered in August 2000 at Le Buisson de Cadouin (Dordogne -Périgord). The tour of the caves is ...

24480 Le Buisson de Cadouin

Phone : 05 53 23 42 80

Le Régourdou

Automatic translate UNIQUE IN DORDOGNE: THE PARK OF LIVING BROWN BEARS, THE MUSEUM In the valley of man in the h ...


24580 Rouffignac

Phone : 05 53 05 41 71

Fax : 05 53 35 44 71