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Périgueux and its cathedral

Automatic translation

Périgueux , capital of Périgord and unmissable city of Périgord Blanc ! Discover the old town and its architectural wealth that spans the centuries. Routes dedicated to the Ancient city and the Medieval city were created in order to know all the History and all the secrets of the capital.

Every Wednesday and Saturday morning, take a gourmet break by browsing the aisles of the Périgueux markets , a treat for your senses!

Périgueux is also known for its cathedral dedicated to Saint-Front . Its monumental bell tower and its imposing cupolas challenge visitors.

The interior is as impressive as the exterior: rows of stained glass adorn the walls, the huge wooden altarpiece of the choir will capture your attention, the ornate and decorated axial chapels add charm to the building and finally, the imposing organ dominates the whole of the nave.

Périgueux will challenge you with its urban charm and its historical evidence . It is a quiet town at the center of many activities and leisure activities .

We wish you a good stay in Périgord !