Visit the roofs of Saint-Front’s Cathedral in Périgueux

A new tour will soon be available in Périgueux. After several years of waiting, the public will be able to climb closer to the domes of the splendid Saint-Front’s Cathedral, in the city of Périgueux. A magical experience we had the chance to live, and we are now sharing it with you ...

A breathtaking and intimate visit

It is a stone staircase to the right of the main entrance door of the Cathedral (Place de la Clautre), hidden behind a brown door, which directs the visitor to the roofs of the Saint-Front’s Cathedral. A first open-air landing opens on the cloister and its vegetation, one also overhangs the entrance of the Cathedral, its two towers. We begin to distinguish the city which is outlined in the distance...

A second staircase (76 steps in all), opens on solid metal walkways, which complete the stone steps, sometimes wide and narrower as you gravitate toward the steeple. Until 1978, visits were possible, then the need to create a new path made access impossible. Since 2015, the project of reopening is in progress, but everything must be done with care and respect for this emblematic and precious monument. In a few days everyone will be able to participate in guided tours (official opening date, organization and pricing soon revealed ...)

Vue sur le cloître de la cathédrale saint front de périgueux

View above the Cloister 

Le premier palier de la cathédrale saint front de périgueux

The first floor

Vue sur l'Isle depuis la cathédrale saint front de périgueux

View on the bank of the Isle river

Near the domes of the Saint-Front’s Cathedral

The visit will take you near the bell tower, at its foot. You turn around, admiring on one side the city and the banks of the Isle, overlooking the Place du Clautre, then as you turn 360 degrees, you discover the other neighborhoods of Périgueux. We discover delicious little details (such as wooden ladders, the view of the Isle river in the distance, details in the roof, architecture), told by the guide who accompanies you. It's a moment of grace for those who love architecture, history and the beautiful city of Périgueux. After this rotation around the bell tower, we go down again and admire the beautiful stones and stained glass windows. We return above the entrance Place de la Clautre then we go down.

Les escaliers métalliques cathédrale saint front de périgueux

Metal stairways

Les passerelles en métal de la cathédrale saint front

Enjoy the view

Les coupoles de la cathédrale saint front de périgueux

The domes

Learn more 

To be kept informed of the imminent opening of this visit, follow the Facebook page of the Guide du Périgord and that of the City of Périgueux !

Le faucon pèlerin, gardien des lieux
The peregrine falcon, guardian of the places
Vue sur les toits de la ville de Périgueux
The roof of Perigueux city
Vue sur les rues
View on the streets

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