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Le Bournat Park

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Le Bournat is an unusual theme park, located in the pretty town of Bugue , in the Périgord Noir, on the banks of the Vézère .

Are you ready for a journey back in time ? Pass the door of Le Bournat park for a return to 1900 ! Here is the funfair , like in the Périgord of our grandparents! Ferris wheel, period rides and a retro atmosphere that will appeal to the whole family.

A park that values life in Périgord, as in the past

Parc le Bournat immerses you in the Périgord traditions and more generally in the countryside of the early 20th century. Discover the old trades , the know-how of yesteryear and the working tools of the time. You like animals ? Le Bournat also offers (for the enjoyment of children and all), a small farm with farmyard animals. Come take a ride in a horse- drawn carriage , with magnificent draft horses, take a photo on vintage tractors, take a boat ride in the marshes and observe cattle of ancient breeds ...

Entrance to the Park

Millers will be delighted to see a real windmill in operation ! Go up to the top to appreciate the work of the wheat and leave with a bag of freshly ground flour to make tasty cakes!

Remember your childhood memories with the little school and the pen and inkwriting workshops, keep a memory of this day by putting on a period costume, time for a photo at the old !


The fun fair for young and old

The Bournat is a real fun fair, with authentic old rides , to (re) discover: boat swings, caterpillars, heckling, small horses! Guaranteed sensations for the whole family. The park also has several classic funfair games stands: all-inclusive chamboules, duck fishing, horse racing ...

At Bournat everything is very simple, once the gate of the park passed, all the rides are free. You can stay a whole day, strolling in the large park, enjoying a delicious meal in the restaurant or a melting ice cream at snack time. In summer, Parc le Bournat offers nocturnes, with costumed shows, by talented artists!

Parc le Bournat is a must in Périgord, because it is unique, authentic. It is the guarantee of a successful day at the heart of the traditions of Périgord.

All information is available on the Parc le Bournat file.
Photos © Parc le Bournat

Boat ride

Bournat geese

The great wheel

The night party