Useful information

Province : Black Périgord

Location : 99, avenue Paul-Jean Souriau
24260 Le Bugue


99, avenue Paul-Jean Souriau
24260 Le Bugue


Phone : 05 53 07 10 74

Fax : 05 53 07 69 07

GPS coordinates

44° 54'51.95"N, 0° 55'53.78"E

Traveller Reviews

4.0 sur 5 1366 reviews

  • "Good Half Day visit"

    4 / 5 Reviews posted by Steve25_12 (Esher, United Kingdom) on 19/09/2019

    This was a request from the family so we all went but decided that it was too pricey for those of us that aren't into Aquariums. However the 3 family members that were had a great time and were...

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  • "Nice"

    3 / 5 Reviews posted by MillieS205 on 09/09/2019

    I expected more than a small aquarium. It was nice, the crocodils were frightening enough and so were the snskes. Yet it was a pretty Short visit. It took us an hour and a half to get there...

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  • "Day out while on holiday"

    4 / 5 Reviews posted by lindarT4960VH on 26/08/2019

    This is a lovely place loads of fish to see plus Aligators of all ages from hatchlings to huge adults Snakes and lizards and the star attraction Bevers which we got to feed A couple of hours at...

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