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Useful information

Location : In the countryside

Province : Black Périgord

Location : Avenue de Lascaux
24290 Montignac


Avenue de Lascaux
24290 Montignac

GPS coordinates

45° 3'29.74"N, 1° 10'9.95"E

Traveller Reviews

4.0 sur 5 1865 reviews

  • "It was interesting ... yet OK"

    4 / 5 Reviews posted by 543jennyc (Geelong, Australia) on 23/08/2019

    The tour was great and was informative and gave plenty of information. The cave just lacked "the feel" ... the feel of the real thing, of wet & musty and of truly experiencing an underground...

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  • "Time to park and learn the tablet"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by BeastiePV (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) on 20/08/2019

    Well, it isn’t a cave, but it’s a very good representation of the original Lascaux cave. We are glad that the original is left untrammeled and is being preserved for future generations. Tip: come...

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  • "Go to Lascaux 2 instead"

    1 / 5 Reviews posted by Daniel D (Atlanta, Georgia) on 15/08/2019

    This is a very large and very crowded museum. Skip the crowds and book (in advance!) an English-language tour of Lascaux 2, which is just a mile or so up the road.

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