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    • Travel to the heart of man.

      Lascaux IV is the unique opportunity to discover the entire cave! Thanks to the exceptional work of the authors of the facsimiles, you will find yourself as it was 20,000 years ago in this masterpiece of rock art. Explore spaces retracing the history of discovery, rock art in the world and links with contemporary art. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and exceptional scientific work, come and live a unique experience!

      Also discover thematic tours throughout the year!

      • "Your Lascaux" to visit at your own pace with family or friends. Visit at your own pace with family or friends. AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH

      • "Prestige Tour" for prehistoric enthusiasts.

      • "Enigmes à Lascaux", a fun family visit.

      • "Storytelling tour" for children and parents

      And also workshops for children and adults NEW 2020 TEMPORARY EXHIBITION BY Caroline Desnoëttes "CONTINUUM"

      In September, Lascaux celebrates the 80th anniversary of the discovery.

      Find the whole program on www.lascaux.fr

      Opening 2020 :

      • From 27/01 to 03/04 from 10 am to 6 pm
      • From 04/04 to 05/07 from 9 am to 7 pm
      • From 06/07 to 19/07 from 8:30 am at 8:30 p.m.
      • From 7/20 to 2/08 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. - From 3/08 to 8/21 from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
      • From 8/22 to 8/28 from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
      • From 8/29 to 9/27 from 9h to 19h
      • From 28/09 to 01/11 from 9:30 to 19h
      • From 02/11 to 03/01/21 from 10h to 18h

      Want a Lascaux IV video?
      Consult the report of the Guide du Périgord at the International Center of Parietal Art!

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Useful information

Location : In the countryside

Province : Black Périgord

Location : LASCAUX IV
Avenue de Lascaux
24290 Montignac


Avenue de Lascaux
24290 Montignac

GPS coordinates

45° 3'29.3"N, 1° 10'10.8"E

Traveller Reviews

4.4 sur 5 6525 reviews

  • Pierce Liefeld

    5 sur 5 Reviews posted by Pierce Liefeld on 15/01/2020

    What they've pulled off here is remarkable. The center is a marvel of concrete and glass with incredible exhibition space and an immersive history of the region and its artifacts. The caves are indeed reproductions, but they're so masterfully done that it volleys over the uncanny valley and you'll truly believe you've trancended history.

  • Rooma Kumar

    5 sur 5 Reviews posted by Rooma Kumar on 14/10/2019

    Have seen many cave paintings. This was one amongst many we have visited all around the world. The best part is that till the end one does not realize that it's a reproduction of the original. Love Christian who was our guide. If you speak or understand english then he's the guide for you

  • Stephen Lloyd

    5 sur 5 Reviews posted by Stephen Lloyd on 12/10/2019

    Absolutely astonishing. Visited Lascaux 2 twenty odd years ago and was totally mesmerized but 4 is in a whole new world. The CAVE is brilliant, the displays are informative and fascinating and the tour, in English, superb. Go it's worth every cent of the entrance fee and more.

Traveller Reviews

4.0 sur 5 1994 reviews

  • "Extremely well presented museum"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by fairbutcritical (london) on 04/11/2019

    This is a slick operation that is well thought out. Re-creations of the how it was discovered, an exact life size replica of the caves followed by the “atelier” where you could see parts of it in...

    Read the full review
  • "a lot to see here (even if it is all reconstructions)"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by handelfan (Bridgewater, New Jersey) on 24/10/2019

    Lascaux is the most famous of the prehistoric caves, but the cave itself isn't open to the public. Lascaux IV is a full-scale reproduction of the cave -- and touring the reproduction is an...

    Read the full review
  • "Very satisfied of our visit."

    4 / 5 Reviews posted by N282UFericp (Bordeaux, France) on 21/10/2019

    The forecast for this Sunday in October was rain, heavy rain. So, no need for any other reason but visit Lascaux IV. We were a little bit concerned as we did not book our tickets before coming and...

    Read the full review

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