Eating in bergerac, in the food centre of the town

Here we are in Bergerac, in the Purple Perigord, a multifaceted town, deep in the heart of the vines and the countryside. Where is the foodie heart of the town... isn’t it the market? It enlivens local life and attracts tourists. We have found a golden nugget, to enjoy a lunch or a quality dinner ... Come and eat with us at “La Table du Marché Couvert”, where the Chef Stéphane Cuzin, is a virtuoso of unusual flavours.

When creativity meets tradition


With an elegant carmine red facade, wooden terrace and vegetation, large bay windows... La Table du Marché Couvert has a refined but also simple atmosphere. Here the chef prepares all the wonders of our plate, openly, just in front of you: a modern industrial workshop style window offers us an uninterrupted view of the kitchen where the team works.

L'entrée de La table du Marché Couvert

La Table du Marché Couvert Restaurant

La terrasse en bois à proximité du marché

The wooden terrace close to the market

La verrière de style atelier industriel

The industrial workshop style window

Stéphane Cuzin has travelled, worked for different restaurants and discovered, thanks to his encounters and curiosity, his own culinary style: At La Table du Marché Couvert the Chef prepares colourful plates, with lots of vegetables, where the traditional and essential dishes of the Périgord meet with condiments and exotic flavours.

La carte des vins, vêtue de peaux

The Wine Card, dressed with animal skins

Le chef Stéphane Cuzin

The Chef Stéphane Cuzin

The gourmet will be amazed and happily surprised by the crunchy-melting textures. The plate presentation is prepared with special care. Some dishes have the most beautiful floral compositions: we turn the plates in all different ways, with amazed eyes and excited taste buds, before we even dare tasting them! The vegetarians, vegans and allergic people (to the gluten in particular), can eat a full, balanced and delicious meal at La Table du Marché Couvert. 

Des amuses bouches, un délice pour les yeux

Appetizers, a delight for the eyes

Des compositions raffinées, pour des assiettes comme des tableaux

Some refined compositions, an art piece

I seat in a luminous alcove, near the ingenious window. For those who like to see the technical details and the energy of a kitchen team, this is the perfect spot! 

A bit from here and from there but still like you were at home


Stéphane Cuzin describes his restaurant as a “bistronomique”, a restaurant with friendly and convivial atmosphere. Here, we feel good; we take our time to enjoy the copious plates. Note that the menu is affordable and also lushly garnished (appetizers, small surprises with the coffee). Wine enthusiasts will be pleased to discover an extensive wine list; the wines of the region are highlighted (but are not the only ones available). Well guided, we are ready for a colourful culinary trip. At each bite, we play at recognizing what is melting and crunchy; taste the flowers and mix the audacious sweet and sour savours, (I discovered the combination of fish/raspberries with delight)..

Un dessert fin et fondant, craquant, onctueux

A fine, melting, crunchy and fragrant dessert

Une assiette de mignardises gourmandes, une guimauve artisanale incroyablement m

A plate of dessert miniatures, an artisanal marshmallow incredibly soft

Each season, the menu changes, let’s not forget that we are near the covered market. Stéphane came to Dordogne for the exceptional products, and uses all the vegetables, herbal and floral charms offered by the nature! A good address to remember for either lunch or dinner. Open all year round from Tuesday to Sunday.

Stéphane Cuzin

Stéphane Cuzin

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