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    • This cave is interesting both from a geological and a prehistoric point of view. During the guided tour you will be able to admire impressive flows of calcite, delicate stalactites, transparent draperies and countless stalagmites. You will also discover prehistoric paintings.

      They represent the authentic testimony of our ancestors’ art. You can see horses, bisons and one rare human representation in prehistoric art.

      Discover the prehistoric garden: set up in a 2 hectares park, this garden invites you to a playful and pedagogical discovery in the realm of Cro Magnon men and women.

      Open all days from April, 01 until November, 11

      • April/May/ June/September : from 10am to 12am and from 2pm to 7pm
      • July / August : from 10am to 7.30pm
      • October/November : from 2pm to 6pm

      Last visit 30 minutes before closing time !

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Useful information

Province : Green Périgord

Location : 24530 Villars


24530 Villars

GPS coordinates

45° 26'32.19"N, 0° 47'6.48"E

Traveller Reviews

4.5 sur 5 310 reviews

  • "Amazing"

    5 / 5 Reviews posted by helenely77 (Farnham, United Kingdom) on 21/08/2019

    Well worth a visit. Tour takes about an hour and some of the formations are stunning. The cave paintings and bear claw marks are fascinating

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  • "Morning at the caves"

    4 / 5 Reviews posted by Dan B (Charing, United Kingdom) on 08/08/2019

    The Grotte de villars was nearby our Accomodation and a good place to visit for a couple of hours. The tour was approximately 50mins and some outside space for the kids after. The show in the middle...

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  • "Excellent cave tour; images of horses"

    4 / 5 Reviews posted by CatonsvilleGeorge (Catonsville, MD) on 01/08/2019

    We took an excellent cave tour that showed beautiful formations and cave art and explained their origins. Remarkable feature: images of horses.

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