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Have you heard of the wines of Bergerac and Duras? Bergerac, Côtes de Duras, Monbazillac, Pécharmant, Montravel, Saussignac, Rosette … I am sure you already have tried 2 or 3 or maybe more of these appellations. They are wines that can be served for any occasion and for one night only we took them to share with our friends in Bordeaux! Wine is a serious matter in Bordeaux and just opposite the Cité des Vins, the wines of Bergerac Duras, and other key products from Périgord have been warmly welcomed We can tell you all about it and we will show you everything, but to taste it, go to the producers, the cellars and the shops

The wines of Bergerac Duras

There are 17 appellations and 900 winemakers, so there is no doubt that you will find the ideal wine for your evening, within the wines of Bergerac Duras.

Fiers de nos vins !

Proud of our wines!Servis toujours avec convivialité

Always served with conviviality

Drink responsively

To assist you, we have organised a big evening of tasting at the restaurant of the Halles de Bacalan: La Familia. It’s a great spot, just opposite the Cité des Vins. We were more than 400 people there to savour the produce of the Périgord which perfectly completed this exquisite evening.

Tasting a good wine does not mean drinking nonstop, can we agree on that? As you know, too much alcohol could be dangerous for your health! Thanks to the onsite expert advice of the appellation’s representatives, we were able to appreciate each wine.

It is not an easy task when you are not a professional or a knowledgeable amateur, to define what we like in a good wine? We all know that meat is best served with red wine and fish with a dry white wine, but is not always that simple! The aromatic subtleties and the organoleptic complexity of a wine are defined in so many ways, that it is best to listen to the experts.

Laissez-vous guider

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Drink responsively

Des conseils d’experts !

Expert advice!

Drink responsively

The wines of Bergerac, are a blend of wines, it is an obligation of the “cahier des charges” of the appellation (The document assembling individual AOC Regulations) Why? By completing themselves, the varietal wines bring a complexity and richness that are sought after in wines. The winemaking process is separate and then the wine is assembled, like a perfume made of various aromatic essences in order to make it unique! Two grape varieties are needed for a white and three for a red.

Vous voulez du bio ? Nous en avons aussi dans nos vins de Bergerac et Duras !

Would you prefer organic wine? We also have some in our wines of Bergerac and Duras!

Too much alcohol could be dangerous for your health

It is not only the grape variety that defines the wine, it is also the soil and in Bergerac and around the Duras region, we are spoiled…The clay-limestone and gravelly soil is perfect for our rounded, fine and strong wines. The Dordogne River flowing not far from here brings its part of humidity in the air and silts in the soil. Visit the Coteaux de Monbazillac in autumn… and look at the sea of clouds, which has something to do with the quality of our late sweet white wines!

Les coteaux de Monbazillac et la vallée de Bergerac au loin

The hills of Monbazillac and the Bergerac Valley in the distance

The food sectors of the Périgord

In Périgord, you know that we eat well:)! We love good quality food and the food sectors guaranty the gourmet outstanding quality! Valued with our concept of the « Périgord Attitude », they go perfectly in harmony with our wines.

Des filières jeunes et dynamiques !

Young and dynamic sectors!

Too much alcohol could be dangerous for your health

Six sectors are so far recognized and they are all so good that you can choose the following products with your eyes shut: walnuts, strawberries, chestnuts, lamb, duck foie gras and poultry (capon, fattened hen). In regards to the quality labels, there are three of them. They are awarded under strict criteria” the PDO, PGO and the Label Rouge (Red Label).

Huuuuuuuuum le foie gras !

Yum the foie gras!

Why promote these sectors through such an event? To promote the best of the Périgord! Land of excellence, flavours, delicacies, many people choose to come on holidays in Dordogne for its famous culinary culture. The provenance and the Cahier des Charges (The document assembling individual AOC Regulations) commit the food sectors to a guarantee of quality. When you purchase a product from our producers, you are sure to take with you the best of the Périgord Attitude ;)

La filière de la Noix du Périgord, joyeuse !

The Périgord Walnut sector, cheerful!

Experience the wines of Bergerac and Duras

C’est la fête !

Party time!

Des soirées pour découvrir des vins de qualité

Events to discover quality wines

Theme evenings, events, exhibitions, competitions, visits to the winemakers, in the castles and in the cellars… There are many occasions to discover these wines. Let yourself take the advices of a cellarman, the suggestion of oenologist in a restaurant. Taste the wines of Bergerac Duras to discover them, know them and share them. Click here to check the agenda of the events.

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