L'Agneau du Périgord : A delicious story, a Périgord tradition!

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L'Agneau du Périgord  ...

Today, I will tell you the story of the delicious Perigord Lamb . A product of tradition , raised by passionate men and women, in the picturesque landscapes of Périgord. We like to enjoy it for festive meals , but also everyday , because it is a healthy meat , easy to cook and appreciated by all with its delicate taste and tenderness . Read his story, watch our report and invite him to your plate, yum.

The lamb is above all the sheep!

You see them sheep in the green pastures of Périgord: the sheep . They are about 50 000 (16 000 under the IGP Périgord) to graze fresh grass. Sheep are essential to biodiversity , why? Because they maintain the landscapes ! Contrary to what one might think, meadows are open landscapes that enjoy prolific biodiversity . Flowers, varieties of grass, insects ... Pastures are essential in Périgord and sheep too, because they value land impossible to work for farmers: The Picadies . Land difficult to access, steep, poor ... It is not a problem for sheep and with their low weight (compared to cows), they trample little soil and consume many species.

The lamb is therefore the little one of the sheep and the ram . Since 1994, the Perigord Lamb has been awarded a Red Label, that is to say that it conforms to strict specifications , which legislates on the breed , the breeding methods , the time spent under the mother , the food , the age at which he is slaughtered etc. Since 2010, the Perigord Lamb also has a Protected Geographical Indication ( PGI ), which means that in addition to the previous criteria, a geographical area of exploitation is limited to just under 700 common throughout the Perigord, a small part of the Lot, Lot-et-Garonne and Corrèze (which have the same sheep traditions, types of soil and climatic conditions).

Ewes from Périgord

It all starts with the sheep

Ewes from Périgord

Happy and well established, to give birth to beautiful lambs

The Picadies in Périgord

The picadies are the place of life of ewes and lambs 7 months a year.

Breeders who care about their job

I met Aurore Glorit , one of the 120 breeders of Périgord . She raises about 380 ewes in Marnac, near Saint-Cyprien. On her well exposed and verdant Picadies, she releases them 7 months a year. In the evening and when climatic conditions are too difficult, the ewes enjoy a warm stable , furnished with straw produced on the farm. The ewes I met are mostly of Lacaune breed : they are rustic animals, adapted for a long time to the climate and which are peaceful.

In the morning, Aurore feeds them with cereals and hay, which she also produces on her farm. She tells me about her fascinating work and gives her several hats: She heals the sheep, knows their daily pains and knows how to appease them quickly. During lambing , it is she who gives birth to the lambs of the hundred ewes who give birth, 3 times a year: a true matron. She helps the ewes to mother, ensuring that each snout receives the udder of milk it needs. Once weaned, it groups the lambs and guards from 80 to 180 days (6 months maximum), until they reach the perfect weight.

For Aurore, the Lamb of Perigord, it is above all the sheep, that she keeps with her 8 to 10 years. The Lamb is sure to be born to a mother who has everything she needs, in good health. She stays more than 60 days with her and follows her (depending on the season) in the pastures. Nourished with quality grains, rich hay and with time and patience: that's all the pledge of a Perigord Quality Lamb!

Aurore Glorit

Aurore Glorit, breeder in Marnac

Perigord lamb

Lambs are fed a healthy and simple diet produced on the farm

Perigord lamb

The lambs stay at least 60 days under the mother and up to 180 days on the farm

Perigord lamb food

Seeds produced on the spot

Lamb: a new and sweet taste

Lamb is a traditional Perigord meat , it is part of history and its preparation is joint to many religions . In France, it is Easter that remains the most consumed, this use going back to the Christian tradition of the Lamb Pascal . Today, although it is often regarded as a festive dish for family reunions or Sunday meals , simple, fast-cooking pieces (such as ribs) are popular all year round.

The natural reproduction period of the lamb is from mid-July to October, that's why the lamb season is rather from April to August (it's good for the barbecue, is not it? ?). But the industry has organized itself to favor, without any artifice, of course, the reproduction of ewes all year long.

Consuming Perigord lamb is a guarantee of quality and the assurance of a meat that has all the taste and nutritive qualities expected! The animal- friendly farming method , the requirement for healthy food, the quality of the breeders' facilities ... You think that lamb is a meat with a strong taste ? This is not the case for the Périgord lamb, which is slow growing and has also benefited from reduced transport time . Its flesh is pale, pink , its fat is white , its texture is melting and delicate.

Cooking Perigord Lamb

Cooking lamb at home, it's easy

Perigord lamb

A melting meat, easy to accompany

Perigord lamb

A meal always successful

Cooking Périgord lamb: nothing easier

To cook the Périgord Lamb , you first have to find it and that is very simple. Click to find a dealer on the map ! That's what I did and I went to see Frédéric Valade, butcher at Les Halles du Coderc in Périgueux. At the butcher's, you benefit from the best advice and recommendations of cooking and accompaniment. The Perigord Lamb is also sold in supermarkets for those who already know what they need.

See you at the butcher!

Frédéric Valade butcher in Périgueux

Perigord lamb

A good leg, whole or sliced?

Perigord lamb

2 slices for me!

To surprise its guests and to avoid hours in the furnaces, the Perigord Lamb is perfect:

  • In leg of baked , it is simple and melting, with a sauce to coat your slices, baby carrots and potatoes.
  • The ribs or chops are a delight, just a round trip to the pan with a little fat and some white beans or fries to spend a delicious moment.
  • To enjoy seasonal vegetables, cut thin pieces of shoulder or leg of lamb, which you will sauté in the pan , with a little olive oil and your vegetables al-dente.
  • For festive meals, let yourself be tempted by the lamb mouse , which some people appreciate with honey and thyme, but which nature (just with a little garlic and baby carrots ...), reveals all the subtlety of its aromas.
  • Accompany your Lamb with a good wine from Bergerac Duras (with moderation), do not hesitate to ask your cellar to find a perfect match.

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