The best castles to visit in Périgord!

The best castles to v ...

Dordogne is castle life ! Take the time to visit these giants of stone and history, in the life of the Châtelains of Périgord … Stroll through the paths of the landscaped gardens , admire the majestic views , bulge your chest and imagine yourself masters of the place ! Follow us to prepare your visits to the most beautiful castles of Périgord ! We tell you about the essentials , but also the least known, because you have to immerse yourself in all the gems of Périgord to satisfy your curiosity ... Click on the links of each castle to find out more!

The essential castles of Périgord

The Château de Castelnaud , in Castelnaud-la-Chapelle in Périgord Noir is also a museum on war in the Middle Ages. It dates from the 12th century and played a key role in the 100 year war. It has been classified as a historic monument since 1966, it is a must visit! In summer and during school holidays, there are medieval and costume activities, children love it! You are in the Dordogne Valley, there are 1000 things to do nearby!

Hautefort Castle , in Hautefort dominates 2 valleys, you can see it from afar, it is majestic and very well preserved. Former medieval fortress, it is now a pleasure home that can be visited with very beautiful museography. You will enjoy a walk in the French garden and the English park. The program of cultural events is interesting and know that it is the 1st eco-labeled castle labeled NF Environment Visiting Sites in France!

Hautefort Castle

Photo credit: Château de Hautefort

The Château de Biron is at the edge of Périgord, just before Lot-et Garonne, it is an old barony of Périgord and the small village of Biron at its feet is very pleasant. It is the host of numerous artistic and cultural exhibitions, it is a pleasant place to visit, very well preserved in a sumptuous architectural ensemble.

Biron Castle

Biron Castle

The Château de Commarque is in the Beune valley, not far from Les Eyzies in Périgord Noir. It dates from the 12th century and after a lot of historic turmoil which greatly dilapidated it, here it was bought in 1972 and rehabilitated with passion and know-how by Hubert de Commarque. Today, it is a place steeped in history, constantly evolving, there are new things to discover every year. It is surrounded by a very pleasant green setting, it is a pleasant family destination.

Chateau de Commarque

Chateau de Commarque

The Château de Beynac , in Beynac-et-Cazenac in the Dordogne valley is at the top of a rocky promontory. To get there, you climb and enjoy the magnificent views of the valley. It is a real castle, as we imagine with its crenelated towers, its surrounding wall, its stone stairs and its medieval keep. It is open all year and every day.

Beynac Castle

Credit: Château de Beynac

The elegant castles of Périgord

The Château de Puyguilhem is a Renaissance style castle dating from the 16th century, it is located in Villars near Brantôme, the Venice of the Périgord Vert. It is so elegant that you would think it came out of a fairy tale. You will enjoy walking there and admiring the beautiful furniture and tapestries that adorn it.

Puyguilem Castle

Puyguilem Castle

The Château de Jumilhac in Périgord Vert is nestled in a superb ensemble dating from the 12th century, many times altered and adjoined to a very beautiful French garden. It is a pleasure castle, for history lovers, who like to wander from room to room, to soak up the enchantment of castle life.

Chateau de Jumilhac

Jumilhac Castle

The Château de Montréal is located in Issac, in the Périgord Pourpre, not far from Mussidan. It is a private home, which can be visited by reservation. It is a Renaissance castle, with a very beautiful remarkable garden where to stroll.

Château de Fénelon located in Sarladais is elegant with its slate roof, it is discovered during a free visit of approximately 1:30, at the end of which you will discover a collection of weapons and tapestries. It is located in Sainte-Mondane, its complex was built in the 14th and 16th centuries.

Fenelon Castle

Fenelon Castle

Château de Neuvic in the Isle Valley in Neuvic dates from the 16th century, there is also a chapel and a cave, the visit traces the vagaries of the history of this building whose surroundings also include a restaurant, a botanical park and a treasure hunt.

Château de l'Herm is famous with those who love Jacquou le Croquant. It is a flamboyant Gothic style castle, dating from the Renaissance, authentic and that you can discover at your own pace thanks to panels. It is open from April to September near the village of Rouffignac in Périgord Noir.

The unusual and original castles of Périgord

La Maison Forte de Reignac is a cliff castle, it is walled in limestone rock! It is a very unusual place, built on several floors, you go from room to room, you climb in history, from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. Nooks and crannies, fascinating and gloomy characters, collections of weapons and taxidermed bestiary ... Until the famous exhibition on torture in the Middle Ages ... A unique place!

Forte de reignac house

Forte de Reignac House

Château de Bourdeilles in Périgord Vert is actually 2 castles in one. There is the 13th century medieval complex, with a 32m dungeon tower from which to see a magnificent view of the Dronne valley below, there is also a Renaissance style chateau with a very fine collection of furniture, all surrounded by a charming garden. In this castle, there is also a unique Escape Game all in 3D with virtual reality glasses! Workshops are organized for children in season.

Bourdeilles Castle

Bourdeilles Castle

Château de Monbazillac is doubly attractive: for the wine it hosts and for its architectural particularities and history. The visit ends with a tasting of the precious beverage… It is a castle that blends medieval architecture with the elegance of the Renaissance. It was developed throughout history as needed and today is the property of the Cave de Monbazillac.


Monbazillac Castle

Château de Bridoire is located in Ribagnac, in the heart of the Monbazilac vineyard. It is a place where games are important! The free visit is strewn with old games and its history full of twists and turns will captivate you ... Bought in 2011 by the Guyot family who set themselves the task of restoring it and opening it to the public, it is a friendly, original castle in its museography and which will please the whole family!

Bridoir Castle

Bridoire Castle

In the Vézère valley, in Tursac, the Château de Marsac has also just been taken over by the Guyot family, it is an emblematic castle of the valley, magnificent standing facing the view, to the river and resplendent ... It was the 'object of many lusts, sold at auction, it will soon be opened to the delight of its admirers. Because once remained private, it will now host a fantastic Escape Game! To follow from the 2020 season…

The Chateau de Campagne in the town of the same name, not far from Le Bugue, cannot be visited inside (sometimes there are exhibitions) but you can enjoy the allure of its park and the adjoining forest. It is free to enter and it is a haven of greenery and fun to go for a walk with the children. There is entertainment regularly and if you climb the steps to the forest, you will see cluzeaux, shelters under rocks typical of Périgord. Parking nearby and free!

Country Castle

Country Castle

Visit intimate and lesser-known castles

The Chateau de Lacypierre is an adorable little family chateau, which is told to you by Isabelle and Florence Lebon who lived in this chateau lovingly restored by their grandmother. A few kilometers from Sarlat, in Saint-Crépin and Carlucet, it is an unusual experience of real castle life, not by chatelains, but by lovers of old stones and beautiful stories.

Castle of Lacypierre

Castle of Lacypierre

The Château de Losse is located in Thonac, a few kilometers from Montignac in the Vézère Valley. Before going there, take the D65 road to observe it from the other bank of the Vézère, it is majestic with its posture overhanging the river and its clusters of vegetation which fall gracefully above the rock. There is a Renaissance house, remarkable gardens and furniture dating from the 16th century.

Losse Castle

Losse Castle

The Château de Montaigne in Saint-Michel de Montaigne is a private site which can be discovered on a guided tour… It is located on the edge of Gironde, in the south-west of Périgord. He is attached to the life of this great man and we visit the Tower, the park and the adjoining vineyard. A philosophical, Historical and exciting moment in perspective!

Château L'évêque , located in the town of the same name, is private, but open to visitors. It dates from the 14th century and its location on a rocky promontory places it on the lookout for visitors and visible to all! Composed of several homes, an English park with a river and a pond, it is open to visits in summer and in the summer from April, just call to ask for the terms. An intimate and very special visit!

The Bishop’s Castle

The Bishop Castle

The Château de Gageac is located on the outskirts of Bergerac, it is attached to the Château de Duras, in the Lot-et-Garonne. It is open to visitors in summer for a small price. Installed in the middle of the vineyards, you will discover a wine worthy of interest in the middle of a charming village. A discreet heritage of the Dordogne, but quite interesting for those who like to take the time to come across small nuggets ...

The Château de Mareuil is one of the 4 baronies of Périgord. It can be visited from June to September and it is located in Périgord Vert, not far from the border with the Charente. It is a pearl of history, on the northern borders of Périgord, that we visit with the squire, in person! For lovers of old stones and history.

The Château de la Marthonie in Saint-Jean-de-Côle in this magnificent typically Périgordin village. Not far from Brantôme, it was destroyed during the 100 years war and then rebuilt. It is open to visitors in summer and combines perfectly with a discovery of this village classified among the most beautiful in France which shelters it.

The Château d'Excideuil is a 12th century fortress which can be enjoyed on your own! We will discover an old fortress, a dungeon, a house and a pavilion. But what is interesting is to come and discover it on a market day on Thursday morning, to combine history with the delights of this pretty local and well-stocked market.

Château Excideuil

Château Excideuil

Castles that tell beautiful stories

The Château des Milandes is the residence of the review leader and formidable woman who took part in the resistance, Joséphine Baker. We discover sumptuous gardens, nature spaces very attractive for children, dotted with aviaries and we can see a very beautiful spectacle of raptors. The interior of the castle is discovered with emotion, it traces the life of Josephine and her rainbow tribe of children adopted all over the world. A pearl of Périgord.

Castle of Milandes

Castle of Milandes

The Château de Puymartin dates from the 13th century, but since when does the legend it shelters date? La Dame Blanche, have you ever heard of it? The castle was restored at the end of the XIXth century and today it represents a very interesting visit ... The White Lady and her halo of mystery ... Thérèse de Saint-Clar imprisoned in one of the towers of the castle by her jealous and wounded husband her unfaithfulness ... Would she come back to haunt the castle and the surroundings?

Chateau de Puymartin

Chateau de Puymartin

We hope that this tour of the castles of our magnificent Dordogne will have made you want to go and visit several of them, to immerse yourself in castle life! 1001 castles, we hadn't lied, had we?

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