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Automatic translation

Sarlat , capital of Périgord Noir , well known for its large market and its architecture inherited from the Middle Ages . This city can be summed up in three words: Gastronomy, History and Terroir .

Who does not know its old town filled with mansions , gourmet and craft shops , its place with geese and the famous onlooker who looks with curiosity at all visitors both admiring and fascinated by his beautiful city.

The stalls of its famous market are filled with local products : fatty, duck, confit, vegetables, truffles, nuts, aperitifs and wines. It is a very lively market which has not lost its atmosphere of yesteryear.

To sum up, the city of Sarlat knows how to touch our five senses: taste with its good local products, the view thanks to its medieval architecture , the smell through its terraces which know how to make us salivate, the touch thanks to fresh products from the market and hearing thanks to the entertainment and the friendliness that emerges.

We wish you a good discovery in Périgord !