Discovering the goose foie-gras delicacies in a traditional Farm

Are you a real gastronome, a fine connoisseur of the Dordogne traditional products? You probably know the smooth and delicate texture of goose foie-gras. In the Epicurian Kingdom, like in the Périgordine traditional farms, the goose is an animal which has a particular place in the farmyard. Follow me in Oies du Périgord Noir farm, in Prats-de-Carlux, with Karelle and Jean Sylvain THOMAS to share their passion for geese!

Black Périgord Geese, a goose farm to be discovered!

Are you curious to know more and discover all about goose foie-gras? I hope so! Come with me to the “Oies du Périgord Noir”, a family farm which for 4 generations (established in 1906) has been based in Prats-de-Carlux (10 minutes from Sarlat). Karelle and Jean-Sylvain introduce you to their job, their passion! These geese are lovable and intelligent animals!

Les oisons sont les bébés oies

The goslings are the baby geese

Les oies grises de Toulouse

The grey geese of Toulouse

During the tour of the farm (the scheduled tours take place in summer and outside season only with prior booking) you learn all about the farm conditions and welfare of these geese, which are mostly grey geese from Toulouse. Walk along the corn fields and other cereals, here the feed of the geese is grown mostly on site! Directly from the field to the animal, a real sustainable and organic short cut. .

Le champs à droite, qui fournit une partie du grain des oies

The field on the right that provides a part of the grains for the geese

La visite de l'élevage

The visit of the farm


Look over there, in their pen. What pen? They are free, in an area simply defined by a few posts. Grouped like this, they sensibly stay in the shade of a large tree. The geese are both obedient and curious.

Pas de barrière, elles vont et viennent comme elles le souhaitent

No fences, they are move around as they wish

Joli bec !

Lovely beak!

But, does a goose fly (asks Hugo, my son)?


Yes of course (It is a migratory animal after all) but if content with enough food, friends and a pleasant place, they stay! In fact, they do not know they can fly… because their parents Karelle and Jean-Sylvain do not know either and therefore could not teach them! The geese know the way to their shelter for the night (they are brought in to protect them from the predators). On the Oies du Périgord Noir farm, there two 2 breeding areas, the goslings (the baby geese) arrive from their hatchery and grow in a protected area, heated and fed with quality grains. 14 weeks of farming then approximately 20 days of forcefeeding later, the animals are slaughtered by a local company then part will be transformed in farm conserves.

Visite vers l'espace des oisons

Visit in the goslings area

Ils ont encore leur petit duvet soyeux

They still have their small silky duvet

Un espace extérieur pour gambader

An outside space for frisking

On est bien au chaud dedans !

It is nice and warm here!

Once the farm tour is finished, you can watch a short video recap, before a tasting some of the different products sold in the shop. Rillettes, pâtés, terrines, goose magret, goose salami... The foies-gras are part-cooked, in conserves, in jars, in blocks … There is a great choice for all tastes and for all budgets. The occasion to offer a lovely gift or treat yourself with a product of great quality,  100% Périgord and locavore.

Vidéo récapitulative

Summary video



Miam miam !

Yum yum!

La boutique dans son joli bâtiment en pierre du début du siècle

The shop in the beautiful stone building dating from the beginning of the century

Les foies-gras à rapporter à la maison

Foie-gras to bring back home!

Produits locaux

Local produce

Idées cadeaux

Gift ideas

A Diner like at the Restaurant with Foie-Gras and local produce!


Feeling hungry? Stay for dinner at the farmers table, organised every Friday evening during summer!  elax and take a seat in the Grand Séchoir, next to the original farm building dating from the  beginning of the 20th century. Share a moment of conviviality with the other guests on site, who are there like you, for the real Périgordine. Gastronomy.


For less than 20 euros, start with a plate full from the delicacies from the shop, then carry on with a green crunchy salad generously accompanied by confits and tasty gizzards. Followed by a cheese plate, before a delicious traditional dessert such as the nut cake and its scoop of ice cream. The meal is served with a very good Bergerac wine, soft and perfectly combined to the dishes you are  savouring.

Repas à la ferme Les oies du périgord Noir

Meal at the Les Oies du Périgord Noir farm

La grande salle

The main room

Hummm les assiettes de salade gésiers

Yum the plates of gizzard salad

Moment convivial

Convivial moment

Le dessert

The dessert

The best news of the evening, is that the children can also have a great time: Thanks to the giant playground, the trampoline, the corn maze, the farm animals (chickens, turkeys, dogs, goats), the tennis table and the small cars circuit, you will not see them from all evening!

aire de jeux


Le labyrinthe de maïs

The corn maze

Les animaux de la ferme

The animals of the farm

On s'éclate sur le trampoline

We have fun on the trampoline

Cot cot !

Cluck cluck!

Sleeping in gites in the heart of the Sarladais region


Feeling sleepy? No need to go very far, if you like the location (10 minutes from Sarlat!) you can stay for your holidays with Karelle and Jean-Sylvain. The Oies du Périgord Noir offers 4 modern and fully renovated gites in a splendid building in traditional dressed stones from the Dordogne region. Freshness guaranteed during summer! You are in the countryside, very close to the town and few

kilometres from the Vézère Valley and its tourist sites.

Grand salon

Large salon

Espace BBQ

BBQ area

Gîtes tout équipés

Fully equipped gîtes

Grande terrasse

Large terrace

You can find:

1 gîte up to 2 people

1 gîte up to 4 or 5 people

1 gîte from 6 to 10 people

1 gîte for 6/8 people


The complex can be rented by a large family or a group of friends, the gîtes are adjoining (but very quiet, thanks to their thick walls). It is an ideal option to share time together while keeping some privacy. They can also be rented individually. The gîtes have a large wooden terrace and guests have access to all the activities on site and for the children: playground, tennis table, maze, farm animals, and trampoline. A relaxation area is available 500 metres from the gite (jacuzzi, sauna…), approximately twenty minutes away is the Tamniès Lake for swimming and towards Sarlat, the Dordogne River is 25 minutes by car and offers its stones beaches

Further information

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