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      Come and have fun in an apocalyptic city by playing laser tag. Play in a futuristic labyrinth with extraordinary scenery elements to scale. Equipped with a top generation laser rifle, your objective is to deactivate your opponents by targeting their weapons or jackets. Play as a team, and have fun with the latest Laser technology in the abandoned city of Univercity and in an incredible decor. For 20 minutes, come and experience exhilarating moments and bring back memories with family or friends that will last a lifetime. Be careful your enemies do not wear the same color as you, at the end of the game your scores and rankings will be established by the Lazzer City Computer.

      Located equidistant from Périgueux, Bergerac and Sarlat at Univerland Journiac, Lazzer City will be able to offer free parking and many other attractions and services. Come and live in Lazzer City extra moments with family or groups of friends and leave with emotions, laughter and memories full of memories.

      For your snacks, the FAB will offer you our tasty hot dogs or other croque-monsieur and drinks with waffles and ice cream for the sweet part.

      Tariff : 9 € per game, 16 € for both
      Opening hours outside of holidays : 12am-6pm.
      Opening hours for holidays and holidays : 12am-7pm, on Saturdays until 10pm
      MANDATORY RESERVATION on our website Lazzercity.fr

      Important information :
      From 10 years old.
      With a release to be signed by the person responsible for the child from 10 to 13 years of age.


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Useful information

Province : Black Périgord

Location : 24260 Journiac


24260 Journiac


Phone : 05 53 07 10 74

GPS coordinates

44° 57'58.21"N, 0° 53'3.8"E

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