What to do for FREE in Dordogne Périgord?

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This is obvious: the Dordogne has an exceptional heritage richness. There are many tourist sites to visit, relics, caves, forts and castles. There are many solicitations and for large families or curious people who like to discover many things, the financial aspect is a real questioning. This is why the Dordogne Périgord Départemental Council has published a brochure offering 170 natural, cultural and heritage sites to visit for free all year long. A very nice initiative, let us introduce it to you!

free sites brochure in dordogne perigord

Free sites to walk around and enjoy nature

The brochure "Free sites in Périgord" is available in the Tourist Offices , in the displays of some tourist sites , accommodation and restaurants , but also on the Internet by clicking here. Unfortunatly for the moment, it's only in French, but we will et you know as soon as it's in English too ! You can use the "translate" option in many browser to translate the brochure. 

It shows you 170 sites accessible without fees and most of the year (check the schedules of some on the Internet before you go there). Classified in 4 categories, you will find cultural , heritage , natural sites and sports and leisure sites . Each site has a small explanation , to reveal what you will find and organize your roaming . The list is not exhaustive (can it be on such a subject?), Nevertheless it is a small treasure trove of ideas to think outside the box and make a nice alternation between the big sites and the essential moments of more simple pleasure. As a family, have a picnic and go on an adventure!

Lakes and leisure centers are referenced. Access is free, except sometimes in the summer on supervised portions for swimming. For example :

  • Lake Pombonne near Bergerac
  • The Chandos Leisure Center, towards Monton-Menesterol
  • The Great Pond of Jamaye, that of Saint-Estèphe. The leisure center of Rouffiac, Lake Gurson ...
  • The ponds of Saint-Saud-Lacoussière and Busserolles

Lake Tamniès

The pretty lake of Tamniès and its wooded promenade

Spectacular views , panoramas and terraces , which are often nuggets known only to locals and disclosed sparingly ... You are unveiled (always respect the natural environment that welcomes us). For example :

  • The Moncalou Panoramic Tower at Florimont-Gaumier
  • The view of the Côte de Jor in Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère
  • The weather station of Grèzes
  • The Cingle of Trémolat
  • The terrace of La Roche-Chalais

The coast of Jor

The view of the Jor coast in autumn

The beautiful walks, discovery and walk are not left at all times of the year!

  • The Miallet Dam on the Côle
  • The Arboretum of Montagnac
  • The Departmental Domain of Campaign
  • The Causse de Savignac
  • The canons road in Thenon
  • The discovery trail of the Valojoulx fish pond

The Domaine du Château de Campagne

The Domaine du Château de Campagne and all around, its beautiful park

Museums, tours and thematic houses

Take advantage of the efforts made to make culture available to us for free, for example:

  • In Bergerac, the Costi Museum
  • The Harmonium Museum at Bars
  • The Gallo-Roman Circuit of Vésone in Périgueux
  • Robert-Doisneau Station in Carlux
  • The House of Chestnut in Villefranche-du-Périgord
  • The International Pole of Prehistory in Eyzies
The Vesone Circuit
Take a stroll on the Vésone Circuit in Périgueux

Heritage Sites, Remains and Churches

You have to know, it's true, because the signs are there, but we do not always think to look at them, yet there are plenty of sites developed everywhere to enjoy the small restored heritage, vernacular architecture, without to talk about abbeys, churches ...

  • The dry stone houses of Daglan
  • The Heritage House of Terrasson
  • The workshop of the Nontronnaise Cutlery in Nontron
  • The Abbey of La Trappe in Echourgnac
  • The Tuillières Dam
  • The Terres-Blanches Windmill at La-Tour-Blanche-Circles

These examples are just a small part of everything that awaits you. Click to download the brochure and en route to discover the Dordogne Périgord!

The filolie in Montiganc

The promenade of the Filolie in Montignac

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