I ate like a foody during my shopping day

After a full morning of shopping in Boulazac, in the shopping centres and squares full of shops, are you feeling hungry? Big names and fast food ... not your cup of tea? My friend Amélie and I found an address for the gourmets that we are: the “Entre Nous” Restaurant. Home made, 100% fresh local produce, it was the perfect place to drop our shopping bags... before heading back to the shops!

No need to go into town to eat like a foody

The Zone du Ponteix in Boulazac hosts many shops: the famous brands are here all gathered around an easily accessible and free car park. Do you like doing the sales? Perhaps you’d enjoy strolling from shop to shop, before going to a show in the Patio room during the evening? Having lunch during your shopping day; eating during the evening before or even after a football game or show (the restaurant remains open for evening events)? Discover the “Entre Nous” Restaurant!

La terrasse du restaurant Entre Nous

Terrace of the Restaurant Entre Nous

Here, is a team with a chef who selects his produce with care. The restaurant reviewed its menu at the beginning of 2018 and offers fewer dishes, but of superior quality and a rigorous choice of producers. IGP Périgord duck, Limousine meat, quality fish, Bergerac wines ... It is a traditional and modern cuisine at the same time, reflecting the enthusiasm of this young and dynamic team.

Le chef sélectionne les produits de qualité, agréables à travailler et délicieux

The chef selects quality produce, pleasant to work with and delicious

Les assiettes sont bien présentées, c'est important, n'est-ce pas ?

The plates are presented with care, it is important, isn’t it?

We ordered a cocktail and an aperitif, and then I snuck into the kitchen to see the house specialities are prepared.

Apéritif entre copines à Entre Nous !

“Girlfriends" Aperitif in Entre Nous!

Les frites, c'est sérieux et ici, vous ne serez pas déçus

Chips here are a serious business here, you will not be disappointed

I love chips. When it comes to assess their crustiness, their flavour and the way they are cooked, I am thorough. Those served with my tuna steak, come from the Lot-et-Garonne. Grown, harvested and prepared there, they arrive fresh, vacuum packed and are cooked quickly. Freshness and provenance!

Les foies-gras sont préparés maison

The foie-gras are homemade

Simple et délicieux, c'est ainsi que l'on déguste les foies-gras préparés avec s

Simple and delicious, it is like this that we savour the foie-gras prepared with care

The chef shows me the foie-gras that he prepares himself, as well as the quality of meat which are cut on site to ensure freshness and flavour. The prawns fried and flambéed are appetising ... Ah! I can see my food being prepared and going to the table, so I follow it!!!

La viande est coupée sur place, ce qui garantit sa fraîcheur et son goût savoure

The meat is cut on site guaranteeing freshness and its intense savoury taste

Une viande limousine de qualité, juste persillée pour du fondant

Quality meat: Limousine Beef

Les gambas font leur numéro !

The prawns making their show!

Et hop ! Flambées au Whisky !

Ta da! Whisky Flambé!

Délicieuses, charnues et moelleuses

Delicious, fleshy and soft

Do you prefer eating inside or outside?

Entre Nous Restaurant offers a large pleasant room (here decorated for the Football World Cup but it is not always like this!) of 96 seats, as well as a spacious and bright veranda with room for 60 seats, which can be privatised, for groups or seminars. Carefully selected and prepared menus are offered to groups.

La salle principale

The main room

La salle donne sur de la végétation

The room opens on the vegetation

Des espaces délimités, pour un repas convivial, ou intime

Defined area, for a group meal, or privacy

Une salle moderne, à Entre Nous

Modern room, in Entre Nous

La grande salle de séminaire, dans une véranda

The large seminar room on the veranda

The terrace offers an additional 50 seats, and it used all the through the summer. With large blinds, it is a pleasant setting and the vegetation offers a small calm alcove, only few steps away from the Ponteix shopping centre! We enjoy our lunch on the terrace; the sky is cloudy but it still gives us a few beautiful sunrays. The meal is delicious, I am glad to have found a good restaurant with local cuisine, without having to go back in the town centre!

Un pavé pour Amélie

A steak for Amélie

Steak de thon pour Nathalie

Tuna steak for Nathalie

L'entrée de la terrasse

Entrance of the terrace

Un repas au vert !

A meal in a green setting!

We could not resist to a dessert (it is not a true shopping spree with your girlfriends, without a touch of sweetness): a crème brûlée; a homemade tiramisu and a good coffee to finish. We are few steps away from the shops, we drop our bags in the car and we leave with a stomach full of delicious flavours!

Crème brûlée

Crème brûlée

Tiramisu fraises et pistaches

Strawberry and pistachio Tiramisu

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